In today’s job market résumé fraud, from slight exaggerations to lies about achievements and experiences, has become increasingly common due to the competitive nature of businesses.

According to HireRight's (2017) employment screening benchmark report, 85 percent of employers caught applicants falsifying their résumés or applications, up from 66 percent five years ago.

Introducing Studentchain

StudentChain, along with its native currency StudentToken, is a blockchain based ledger system for employees and merchants to accurately authenticate and verify student resumes, achievements and experiences through an immutable, timestamped shared ledger.

Businesses spend a large amount of capital and time on resume checks and authentication. By using StudentChain, they can reduce the monetary and time costs while assuring the same level of quality by helping in reducing costs by compressing due diligence.

Studentchain uses applied learning ventures from VentureChain along with crypto-economics to create, measure, and document student achievements within high growth digital projects.
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Applied Learning Opportunities include some of the leading URL platforms such as:

- MortgageChain

- ServiceChain

- UtilityChain

- LegalChain


Studentchain envisions utilization through a distributed system of records shared across the entire network while ensuring the appropriate visibility, while ensuring information is secure to authenticate and verify information. Verification terms are embedded in smart contracts through a transaction base to measure and document students information. Verifications are endorsed by relevant participants that can authenticate and verify legitimacy through an immutable, timestamped shared ledger


Through a secure identity platform that is used to store and share authenticated documentation on the blockchain network, Studentchain provides abilities and deliverables of students along with the student debt market. A proof of existence model is planned to ensure that identity validators and requesters act in an honest manner when performing a verification. Inc. proposes an integrated development partnership to leverage blockchain and URL technology to leverage targeted digital assets. It uses the power of blockchain to create dynamic smart equity around each property and verify transactions onchain, transparently and securely. A investment provides a diversification across:
Property asset ownership and value enhancement
Sustainable energy solutions
Blockchain-based Smart Properties
A real estate transactions-backed cryptocurrency

Owners's blockhain platform allow you to put a property on the RealtyChain blockchain so people can buy into it by converting it into eShares. Sell the eShares to investors, members or friends and family.

Studentchain has a goal of becoming a leading consulting entity for education systems by incorporating blockchain/crypto and advanced technologies using a contribution/collaboration structure around an applied learning/doing systems documented onchain.

Studentchain allows students to manage their profiles and deliverables onchain with the goal of eliminating fraud and increasing trust in the education space. The network is governed by trusted peers that can review and authenticate documents, ensure and verify student abilities and achievements to showcase their abilities for future employers.
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